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Basement Construction Joints

Construction joints are a particular weak points in basement structures through which water can penetrate. Therefore, joints between components, including day work joints, should be durable and watertight and include appropriate waterstops (Vandex Expaseal) or hydrophilic strips. Kickers, usually cast as part of the slab, should be used to form the joint between floors and walls (NHBC Chapter 5.4).

Design should also include the correct method and detailing to form all joints and junctions in case of using cavity membrane, to ensure they are correctly lapped and sealed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, including those between:

  • Waterproofing system and superstructure damp proofing
  • Horizontal and vertical waterproofing
  • Waterproofing components

The design should detail proprietary components for complex junctions.

Basement construction joints
Basement service pit
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For more information call 01403 210204