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Waterproofing Tunnels and Pipelines (Newbuild)

Tunnels can vary in size from small service ducts to water pipelines to the large-bore tunnels used for road and rail. Waterproofing methods will vary depending on factors such as the construction method used to build the tunnel, the type of ground through which the tunnel is built, and the level of dryness required inside the tunnel. The Vandex range of cementitious waterproofing products and the Oldroyd range of cavity drainage membranes both have tunnel waterproofing applications. Solutions are also available for the refurbishment of existing tunnels.

Vandex Tunnel Waterproofing

Tunnel projects in which Vandex products have been utilised include the Channel Tunnel, the Metro de Caracas in Venezuela, and Bangkok’s Mass Rapid Transport system. Case studies of these projects can be downloaded from

Vandex products with tunnel and pipeline waterproofing applications include:

Oldroyd Cavity Drainage Membranes

The Oldroyd Gtx range are cavity drainage membranes with a welded geotextile mesh. They have applications as a drainage layer in cut and cover tunnel construction. Oldroyd Xv 20 (high flow capacity cavity drainage membrane) also has applications in tunnel waterproofing and drainage.

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For more information call 01403 210204