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Protecting Drinking Water Reservoirs and Storage Tanks

– Vandex have published a new brochure on the subject of waterproofing and protecting structures that come into direct contact with drinking water.

Many products from the Vandex range are suitable for use in contact with drinking water and carry international approvals (e.g. DWI, WRAS, DVGW, KTW, and NSF).

The new brochure outlines how these products can be used to:

  • Waterproof new drinking water structures
  • Waterproof and repair existing drinking water structures

For the UK market, the following Vandex products carry DWI / WRAS approval:

A table is included to show which products carry international approvals (DWI, WRAS, NSF, DVGW, KTW, etc...)

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For more information call 01403 210204