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New Green Roof Kit – For Small Green Roofs

Wildflower Green Roof

– Green roofs are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons outlined on the green roof pages of this website. However, until now it has been difficult for those wishing to construct small-scale green roofs to source the specialist materials required in small quantities. Safeguard are pleased to announce a solution to this problem in the form of a new Green Roof Kit.

The Green Roof Kit bundles all the materials needed for a small flat green roof, readying it for planting. The kit provides protection and drainage materials to cover up to 9 m2 of rooftop. Also included is an illustrated step-by-step instruction guide that shows you the exact steps needed to construct the green roof.

The materials include a root barrier, Oldroyd Xv Green Xtra drainage membrane and a Oldroyd Tp filter fleece. The root barrier prevents any root penetration to the underlying waterproofing. The drainage membrane retains rainwater for the plants, and perforations prevent waterlogging. The filter fleece laid on top then retains the soil and plants, but lets plant roots penetrate to the water stored below.

The Green Roof Kit is ideal for creating a small green roof on a garage, extension or shed flat roof. There is an increasing demand for green roofs on these types of rooftop. They are becoming a popular alternative to standard felt roofs. Green roofs provide a more pleasant outlook and can help prolong the lifespan of the underlying waterproofing.

Once installed a green roof can require as little maintenance as an annual check-up. Typical low maintenance plants include turf, sedum and wildflowers. They can be found as plug plants or established mats. These are lightweight, easy to install, take hold more readily and create an instant flourishing green roof. Depending on the load the rooftop can bear and required soil depth, a wide range of other plants can be used too.

Suitable green roof plants and soil can often be found at local garden centres. Alternatively, submit an enquiry for details of specialist suppliers of sedum matting and wildflower turf.

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