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Safeguard Launches New Outdoor Wood Preservative Range

The new range of outdoor wood preservatives by Safeguard Europe allows for the easy protection of fencing, decking, sheds, summer houses and furniture. With correct application, the Safeguard outdoor wood protection range will significantly increase the effective lifetime of softwoods. The range, which has been specially optimised for softwoods, comprises of two products. Roxil Wood Protection Liquid and SoluGuard Mould & Rot Treatment, both of which have been designed to work together.

Roxil Wood Protection Liquid

Roxil Wood Protection Liquid is a spray or brush applied liquid water repellent for use on softwoods, indoors or outdoors. Once applied, it repels water from the wood surface and protects it from the undesirable effects of moisture, resulting in more structural stability and a cleaner surface.

SoluGuard Mould & Rot Treatment

SoluGuard Mould & Rot Treatment is a liquid wood preservative, used for the treatment of wood in outdoor areas. Once applied, it penetrates deeply into the wood and the powerful active ingredients defend against wood-destroying and wood-discolouring fungi.

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Even more information about the products can be found on the product pages for both Roxil Wood Protection Liquid and SoluGuard Mould & Rot Treatment.

For more information call 01403 210204