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Aquadrain™ - Perimeter Drainage Channel for Basement Waterproofing

Aquadrain is perimeter drainage channel designed to provide additional protection at the vulnerable wall-floor junction in basement waterproofing applications.

Aquadrain is usually used in conjunction with cavity drainage membrane systems such as Oldroyd Xv Clear and Oldroyd Xp . However, it can also be used to complement epoxy and cement-based waterproofing systems such as Safeguard ECS Epoxy Floor Coating and Vandex BB75 Waterproofing Slurry.

Two versions of Aquadrain are available (with and without upstand see picture). The version with an upstand is primarily used in conjunction with cavity drainage membranes in situations where it is possible to lay the channel close to the wall. The version without the upstand is used where it is not possible to lay the channel directly next to the wall (e.g. uneven walls, stepped foundations, and large floor areas where it is necessary to increase the level of drainage by laying Aquadrain across the floor)

Aquadrain has the following advantages:

  • Controls Water Ingress
  • Fast Fit to Link Longer Runs Together
  • Links to Sentry Sump System
  • Tough, Durable Design
  • Quick & Easy Application

Aquadrain Accessories

Preformed corner-pieces and t-pieces are available as part of the Aquadrain system. These are simply joined to Aquadrain drainage channel by clicking into place. They contain internal deflector plates to simplify maintenance and are adjustable by up to 5 degrees (3 degrees for t-piece) to allow for the fact that corners in old buildings are rarely true.

Drainage channer corner pieces and t pieces

Our range of access panel kits for the Aquadrain system provides considerably better access for maintenance equipment such as rods and cameras than is the case when rodding eyes are used. The access panel is hidden behind a skirting board, resulting in much lower visual impact.

Aquadriain access panel.

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Aquadrain basement drainage channel
Oldroyd Xv / Aquadrain
Aquadrain used in basement in conjunction with cavity drainage membrane

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