Oldroyd Tp Filter Fleece
  • Green roof separation layer
  • Engineered geotextile
  • Sold by the metre

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Oldroyd Tp Filter Fleece

Oldroyd Tp Filter Fleece is an engineered geotextile intended to be used in conjunction with certain Oldroyd cavity drainage membranes to provide a filtration / separation layer. Typical applications are described below:

Green Roofs

Green roof filtration layer

A filtration layer such as Oldroyd Tp Filter Fleece is required as part of many green roof designs to prevent particles of growing medium being washed into the drainage layer. Oldroyd Tp Filter Fleece is typically used on flat green roofs in conjunction with Oldroyd Xv 20 GreenXtra drainage membrane.

Foundations and Basements

Where basements are waterproofed externally it is normal practice to install a land drain around the perimeter of the basement at slab level. To reduce the chance of the land drain silting up, it can be laid in a bed of single-sized aggregate which is wrapped in a layer of Oldroyd Tp Filter Fleece.

Suggested NBS specification clause: Q37-360

Visit our NBS page for further information on specifying Safeguard products using NBS.

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For more information call 01403 210204