Oldroyd Xv Clear Cavity Drainage Membrane
  • Multi-layer technology for superior strength
  • Cost-effective, fast and simple installation
  • Easy to apply around corners and details

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Oldroyd Xv Clear Cavity Drainage Membrane

Standards & Accreditations
Certificate 00/3733
BS EN 13967
Applying Oldroyd Xv Clear to a wall

Oldroyd Xv Clear is a semi-transparent, studded cavity drainage membrane manufactured from polypropylene. It is specifically designed for application to damp / contaminated internal floors and walls, and is particularly useful in basement waterproofing / conversion applications.

Oldroyd Xv Clear is applied to walls and ceilings by means of special sealed fixing plugs (Oldroyd Brick Plugs), while on floors, there is normally no need for any form of fixing. The semi-transparant nature of Oldroyd Xv Clear makes it easy to locate suitable fixing points (e.g. avoiding soft mortar beds).

On walls, Oldroyd Xv Clear can be covered with plasterboard using timber battens or the Fastframe Drylining System. On floors a screed or a floating timber floor can be applied on top of Oldroyd Xv Clear. When used as a basement waterproofing system, Oldroyd Xv Clear should be used in conjunction with the Aquadrain perimeter drainage system and the Safeguard Sentry Sump System.

Appearance Opaque, moulded polypropylene sheet incorporating raised studs
Size(s) & Packaging 2 × 20 m roll
Coverage 40 m2
Service Life For the life of the structure in which it is incorporated
Storage Cool, dry conditions

Suggested NBS specification clause: J40-290

Visit our NBS page for further information on specifying Safeguard products using NBS.

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For more information call 01403 210204