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Safeguard Root Barrier (Green Roofs)

Safeguard Root Barrier is intended to provide root protection in green roof applications where the primary waterproofing layer does not offer adequate root protection.

Flat green roof – with root barrier

Safeguard Root Barrier is simply loose laid on top of the primary waterproofing layer before subsequent green roof layers (drainage layer, filtration layer, etc...) are laid on top.

Joins between sections of Safeguard Root Barrier are made using Oldroyd Double Sided Tape to form a “triple seal” as shown in the diagram below:

Safeguard Root Barrier triple seal

Safeguard Root Barrier is supplied in 2 × 25 m (50 m2) rolls.

Suggested NBS specification clause: Q37-360

Visit our NBS page for further information on specifying Safeguard products using NBS.

Safeguard Root Barrier Datasheet

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For more information call 01403 210204