SoluGuard Wood Preservative Range

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SoluGuard Wood Preservatives

If your property has been affected by woodworm, fungal rot or excessive biological growth, it is important to treat the affected areas with an effective product. The SoluGuard range of biocidal preservation treatments is available to prolong the life of building materials by eliminating biological hazards.

Products in the Range

SoluGuard Woodworm Treatment

SoluGuard Woodworm Treatment (BPR)

For the eradication and prevention of attack by wood-boring beetles. SoluGuard Woodworm Treatment (BPR) can be applied to timber by brush, coarse spray or dipping.

SoluGuard Woodworm & Rot Treatment

SoluGuard Woodworm & Rot Treatment (BPR)

For the treatment of woodworm and as part of a dry rot or wet rot control strategy. SoluGuard Woodworm & Rot Treatment (BPR) can be applied to timber by brush, coarse spray or dipping.

SoluGuard Mould & Rot Treatment

SoluGuard Mould & Rot Treatment is a liquid wood preservative which penetrates deeply into wood and defends against wood-destroying and wood-discolouring fungi. It is ideal for protecting fences, decking, sheds, furniture and wooden buildings from the effects of mould, rot and fungal attack. For optimal protection of softwoods, it is recommended to use SoluGuard Mould & Rot Treatment in conjunction with Roxil Wood Protection Cream.

SoluGuard Multi-Surface Biocide

SoluGuard Multi-Surface Biocide is a high strength biocide for removing algae, fungi, and moss growth on a wide range of surfaces including Internal walls, Plastic, Roof tiles, PVCU, Concrete, Polycarbonate, Brick, Driveways, Stone, Patios, Render, Gravestones. It is suitable for use in cleaning biological growth from masonry surfaces prior to the application of Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream. The product can also be used indoors to kill black mould.

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For more information call 01403 210204