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Soluguard Multi-Surface Biocide (HSE No. 9517)

Soluguard Multi-Surface Biocide is a high-strength biocide for removing algae, fungi, moulds and moss growth from a wide range of surfaces. It is supplied ready-for-use in a 5 litre pack.

Surfaces that can be treated include internal walls, roof tiles, concrete surfaces, brick, stone, render and plastic. Soluguard Multi-Surface Biocide is also suitable for removing algae and moss from driveways, patios and ornamental stone monuments. To greatly minimise regrowth Soluguard Multi-Surface Biocide can be used prior to treatment with Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream. This will clear existing biological growth from masonry surfaces and also greatly minimise future growth of algae, moss, lichens and moulds that require a damp surface in order to flourish.

Product benefits of Soluguard Multi-Surface Biocide include:

Each 5 litre pack of Soluguard Multi-Surface Biocide will treat 10m2 - 100m2, depending upon the porosity of the substrate being treated. It can be applied with a brush, roller or by coarse spray. For best results the treated surface should be cleaned of dead growth after 72 hours or more have passed, using clean water and a pressure washer.

aMulti-Surface Biocide
Soluguard Multi Surace Biocide
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