Vandex Rapid Range
  • Rapid setting waterproofing slurry
  • Suitable for sewers and manholes
  • Resistant to domestic sewage

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Vandex Rapid System – Rapid Setting Waterproofing & Repair

Application of Vandex Rapid to the inside of a manhole

The Vandex Rapid system consists of four waterproofing and repair products each of which is able to withstand maximum load only hours after application. In the case of manhole refurbishment downtimes of as little as 4 - 6 hours are possible.

Vandex Rapid S – A waterproofing slurry similar to Vandex BB75 but with a faster curing time. Resistant to load after three hours.

Vandex Rapid M – A rapid waterproof and repair mortar. Applied at up to 10 mm thickness and resistant to load after just one hour.

Vandex Rapid XL – Rapid reprofiling mortar. Fibre-reinforced formulation allows upto 100 mm to be applied in one working cycle. Resistant to load after just two hours. Note that Rapid XL has been formulated as a reprofiling mortar that is intended for use in conjunction with other products from the Vandex Rapid range and does not provide a waterproofing layer in its own right.

Vandex Rapid 2 – A rapid waterproof plugging compound specifically designed for the installation of pipes in manholes.

All products in the Vandex Rapid range develop their waterproofing properties even when in contact with running water. Furthermore they are formulated to be resistant to domestic sewage as well as chemicals and abrasion.

Areas of application include:

Suggested NBS specification clause: J10-110

Visit our NBS page for further information on specifying Safeguard products using NBS.

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For more information call 01403 210204