BrickFix Mechanical Remedial Wall Ties

BrickFix mechanical wall ties are designed to replace or supplement existing cavity wall ties. Two types are available depending on whether a neoprene or copper alloy “expander” is preferred:

  • Quickfix Mechanical Wall Tie (Neoprene)
  • Eezietie Mechanical Wall Tie (Copper Alloy)

The Quickfix Mechanical Wall Tie (Neoprene expander) has the advantage of faster application due to its one-piece fixing tool.

BrickFix mechanical wall ties are available in various lengths to accommodate different cavity widths.

The diagram below shows how BrickFix mechanical wall ties are installed into a cavity wall (showing a slight upward slant):

mechanical wall tie in cavity wall

All BrickFix wall ties should be installed in accordance with the advice given in BRE Digest 329 and BRE Digest 401. If you would like to discuss a wall tie replacement project, please contact our technical department.

BrickFix Mechanical Wall Tie Datasheet