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Penetrating Damp Causes

Cracked brickwork

Penetrating damp develops when water can pass unhindered through bricks and stonework. Penetrating damp in solid walls is often caused by porous bricks, damaged brickwork or building defects. Any symptoms of penetrating damp should be investigated as soon as they appear, as leaving problems with penetrating damp untreated can result in more serious building damage.

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Causes of Penetrating Damp

Porous Bricks

Porous bricks can exacerbate penetrating damp problems

A common cause of penetrating damp is porous bricks. Water is able to seep through pores and penetrate deeply into masonry. The more it rains, the more water is able to permeate brickwork. This can cause damp patches on interior walls to increase in size during periods of heavy rain. The best way to treat penetrating damp in this case is the use of a water repellent treatment, such as Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream.

Damaged Brickwork

Damaged brickwork will worsen if left untreated

Spalled bricks and faulty pointing can also be the cause of penetrating damp. Damaged brickwork is less able to withstand rain penetration and can cause further damage to masonry through structural instability. When spalled bricks or mortar joints are visible, masonry should be examined to determine the full extent of the damage. Damaged mortar joints can be repaired and waterproofed against further damage with Stormdry Repointing Additives.

Building Defects

Leaking gutter; a perfect example of a building defect causing penetrating damp problems

Building defects such as leaking gutters and downpipes, damaged roofs, inadequate drip grooves, as well as defective seals around windows and doors, are all prime culprits of penetrating damp. Any building defects should be fixed as soon as possible, as they can provide a constant source of dampness which can ruin internal decor.

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