NOPE! Moth Killer Booklets HERO2
  • Stain-free for use with clothes
  • Solvent-free for safe home use
  • Paper-based pest control
  • 3 months protection

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NOPE! Clothes Moth Killer Paper Booklets

Nope Booklets in front of a cupboard full of clothes

NOPE! Clothes Moth Killer Paper Booklets are a paper-based system with plastic-free hanging technology that repels moths for up to 3 months.

The booklets are solvent and stain-free – they can be safely placed in drawers and wardrobes containing clothes.

NOPE! Clothes Moth Killer Paper Booklets are infused with lavender scent and a household-safe active ingredient to ensure moth repellence and eradication.

Part of the extensive NOPE! range of pest control solutions.

Find out how to get rid of Clothes and Carpet Moths with our guide.

Safely protect clothes & craft materials

NOPE! Moth Killer Booklets can be placed on or near clothes.

Moth eggs are very small and almost impossible to detect on clothes once they have been laid.

NOPE! Clothes Moth Killer Booklets fit neatly atop clothes hangers to repel moths from landing near clothes.

Single pages can be used between items of clothing in chests of drawers too.

Fight back against the growing moth population!

NOPE! has clothes moths targeted.

Warmer winters and improvements in housing insulation have caused the UK Moth population to boom.

The common clothes moth, also known as Tineola bisselliella, prefers dark areas which is why they are often found in closets, cupboards and drawers.

Adult moths cannot feed at all, it is their larvae that consume fibres. They lay eggs of up to 200 larvae at a time, which means an infestation can do a serious amount of damage if left unchecked.

NOPE! Clothes Moth Killer Booklets target all stages of the moth life cycle to ensure total eradication.

Can be used in conjunction with NOPE! CP

NOPE! Moth Killer Booklets CP range

NOPE! Clothes Moth Killer Booklets can be used in conjunction with NOPE! CP Moth Spray to form a comprehensive moth control strategy.

Empty wardrobes and drawers before applying NOPE! CP Moth Spray to affected areas and ward away moths from the areas with NOPE! Clothes Moth Booklets.

Do Common Clothes Moths only eat clothes?

Moth from extreme macro photography with black background

Common Clothes Moth larvae feed on natural fibres. They prefer moist clothing as these can contain additional nutrients, so a pair of sweaty socks is a feast for Clothes Moth larvae!

As well as fabrics, Clothes Moths have been known to eat discarded bird feathers, as well as some types of flour, human and animal hair.

While Clothes Moths are not known for inhabiting kitchens, they may make homes in quiet and dark cupboards with access to open flour containers.


Where do Common Clothes Moths hide?

Nope Moth Killer Booklets can be hung from clothes hangers.

As well as in cupboards and drawers, clothes moths and their larvae have also been found:

  1. Under furniture. Here larvae may feed on biscuit or bread crumbs or carpet.
  2. Under carpets. Clothes Moth Larvae benefit from spilled drinks and human sweat. They have been known to settle or at the edges of carpet.
  3. In basements and lofts. While moths are famous for their attraction to bright lights, Common Clothes Moths prefer dark places to lay eggs.

The places we store clothes are usually dark and contain lots of fabrics and furs. As our clothes are valuable to us, the impact of larvae damage is obvious.


How do I know if I’ve got a Common Clothes Moth Infestation?

Common Clothes Moth (tineola Bisselliella) feeding.

Female moths lay hundreds of tiny eggs at a time, less than 1mm in size! Needless to say, they are almost impossible to detect until they hatch. Luckily, the fully grown adult UK Common Clothes Moth is easily identifiable.

They are small, only around 7mm in length. They are gold in colour, with wings that hang tightly behind the body. Looking very closely, their furry heads are reddish in colour.

Alongside fabric damage, yellowy white larvae are usually the first signs of infestation.

Fully grown adult moths usually emerge in Spring, between April – May.

How to get rid of Moths permanently

nope cp clothes moth elimination process
  1. Remove all clothes and other food sources from the infested area.
  2. You won’t be able to see all the eggs in the area, so vacuum the areas of known infestation thoroughly. Take extra care to reach corners and immediately dispose of vacuum contents.
  3. Wash all clothes and soft furnishings to remove present eggs and larvae.
  4. Use NOPE! CP Moth Killer Spray to eradicate the current infestation.
  5. In future, don’t overstuff wardrobes and drawers with clothes. Moth infestations can easily hide in packed wardrobes.
  6. Use NOPE! Clothes Moth Killer Booklets in wardrobes and drawers. Their lavender scent naturally wards away common species of UK moth.

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