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5 energy saving quick tips for a warmer winter

Energy loss can escape the home from the floor, ceiling and walls

Heating homes contributes around 15% of the UK’s carbon emissions.

An Institute for Government report found UK homes are among Europe’s least efficient.

Reducing this environmental impact should be a priority for all. But energy efficiency improvements don’t always have to mean costly and invasive cavity or internal wall insulation. 

Understand how to keep warm without costly internal or cavity wall insulation with these 5 energy saving tips to save money this winter.

Boiler flow temperature

Adjusting your flowrate can save you energy

Do you know how to control your boiler flow temperature? It’s an easy way to optimise your boiler that immediately starts saving money. Consult your boiler’s manual to find out how.

Octopus Energy advises a 50℃ flow temperature setting for maximum efficiency.

The Heating and Hot Water Council project that households could save 6-8% solely from heating flow temperature adjustments.

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Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream

Apply Stormdry Masonry Cream to prevent heat loss through walls.

Around 35% of all heat lost in the home leaves through poorly insulated walls.

One coat of Stormdry saves up to 10% of heating costs compared to an untreated brick wall, according to modelling software*. The energy saving trust states Stormdry “… improve(s) the energy efficiency of dwellings by reducing heat loss, leading to lower heating requirements.” This is backed up by extensive research and independent third-party tests.

Stormdry makes brick walls waterproof to improve thermal efficiency. Consistently dry walls enhance the thermal performance of existing insulation. After application, already wet walls dry faster.

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Draughty doors and windows

Close off draughts from doors and walls to improve thermal efficiency.

You could be losing approximately 15% of your home’s heat through draughty windows and doors. Homes lose lots of heat from closed windows and doors that lack a tight seal.

Gaps can be filled with adhesive foam draught excluder stripping tape. Simply cut to size and fix to window frames, door frames and other gaps. Around £10.

Draught-proofing your home could save around £30 annually. Collectively, the UK could save £843 million per year.

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Loft insulation

Loft insulation can prevent losing up to 25% of energy through the home roof.

UK homes lose 25% heat through uninsulated lofts. Loft insulation stops warmth from escaping your home through your ceiling and can save around £255 on your annual energy bill.

As long as your loft is accessible, you can install loft insulation yourself. Consult house plans to avoid blocking ventilation and accidentally causing damp and mould. 

If using the loft as a storage space, combine loft floor rolls with insulated floorboards to provide a sturdier and more thermally efficient base.

The average installation costs around £540.

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Ground floor insulation

Up to 15% heat loss in the home can be prevented with Ground Floor Insulation

UK homes lose around 15% of heat through floors. Installing floor insulation is another home improvement project that seems intimidating at first but is easily achievable. The EST says floor insulation could save £75 on annual energy bills. Use the most efficient insulation boards available.

If you don’t want to install insulation boards, a 3-tog wool rug will help.

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More quick energy saving tips

  • Get thermostat smart
    It doesn’t save money to keep your heating on low all day. Get a programmable thermostat to heat your home when and how you need it. If the heating’s always on, you’re losing heat and money.
  • Control your radiator valves
    Use radiator valves to set the temperature of each room. When you turn on central heating, don’t heat empty rooms. Simple.
  • Insulate radiators, pipes and cylinders
    Pipe insulation covers exposed boiler piping and costs about £2 per metre.
    Radiator reflector foil helps retain heat. Around £10 each.
    A BS water cylinder jacket covers boiler tanks to keep water hotter for longer. The EST estimates £35 a year in savings. Around £20 each.
Energy Saving Measure Projected heating cost saving over 5 years (July 2022 fuel prices) Projected installation cost
Stormdry £1255 £432
Floor insulation £755 Between £1,300 and £2,700
Loft insulation £200 £540
Boiler flow adjustment Variable – around £350 £0
Draught excluder tape Variable – around £150 Variable – around £25

*Based on a standard semi-detached house where general energy saving measures (double-glazing, draught-exclusion, boiler insulation jacket) have been carried out. Report carried out by independent energy efficiency assessors Alan Pither Energy ltd.

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