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Safeguard Latest News

25th April 2024 – Out Now: New NOPE! Range
Get rid of fleas, flying and crawling insects with new NOPE! Insect Killer Smoke Bombs and NOPE! Flea Killer Powder - available now.

11th August 2023 – Out Now: Roxil Wood Scrub Gel
Turn back time and return your well-loved furniture to its original tone, grain pattern and colour. Rejuvenate weathered softwood.

7th June 2023 – Out Now: Roxil Beeswax Wood Polish
Protect and enrich wooden furniture with Roxil Beeswax Wood Polish - the new essential part of your woodcare routine. Out now at Safeguard Store.

17th May 2023 – Out Now: NOPE! Reusable Ant Killer Bait Stations & Baited Ant Gel
Combat ant infestations inside your home and out in the garden with NOPE! Ant Killer Reusable Bait Stations and Baited Ant Gel.

3rd April 2023 – Out Now: NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps
Use NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps this Spring to draw out and capture male clothing moths. This breaks the Clothes Moth lifecycle in your home.

10th January 2023 – Out Now: Dryzone Professional Grade Mould Removal & Prevention Kit
Dryzone Professional Grade Mould Removal & Prevention Kit equips you with the power to eliminate mould from your properties at scale and speed.

5th January 2023 – Keep Buildings Dry January 2023
Here at Safeguard Europe, we’re celebrating Keep Buildings Dry January by offering free CPD webinars - Dealing with Dampness and Mould & Condensation

29th June 2022 – Out Now: Cobalt Blue Roxil Coloured Wood Preserver
Tap into the tranquillity of the sea and the sky with the new Cobalt Blue Roxil Coloured Wood Preserver shade.

20th April 2022 – Out Now: Roxil Coloured Wood Stain Preserver
Out Now: Roxil Coloured Wood Stain Preserver. For tinting and preserving garden timber. Fade-free, UV-resistant. Available in 6 beautiful colours.

23rd February 2022 – Upskill in the Sun with Safeguard
Sign up for Safeguard Europe's Spring and Summer CPD Webinars. Get the latest methods of damp proofing, basement building and energy-saving retrofit.

11th February 2022 – Out Now: NOPE! Pest Control
Protect your home against insects with NOPE! pest control - now at

7th February 2022 – 2 more dates for Condensation in Buildings CPD Webinar
Book now for the Condensation in Buildings CPD Webinar in February and March. 

20th July 2021 – New Drybase Tanking Range
The Drybase Tanking Range is a collection of high-quality cementitious tanking materials for above-ground and basement waterproofing jobs of all sizes.

22nd June 2021 – Safeguard to Present Discoveries on Insulation Protection to Industry Experts
Safeguard will be presenting the findings of a scientific study on how to protect insulation performance from moisture ingress to industry experts.

6th December 2019 – Award Winning New Oldroyd XV Eco Membrane
Safeguard Europe has won the Sustainability Award at the Property Care Association’s 2019 Best Practice awards for the launch of Oldroyd XV Eco White.

5th December 2019 – Condensation Eradication Options with Safeguard
Safeguard Europe has launched a selection of new condensation-busting products to help building occupants remain free of damp and mould over the winter.

15th October 2019 – New Condensation & Mould Beating CPD
Safeguard's new 'Condensation in Buildings' CPD seminar gives attendees practical solutions to condensation and mould problems.

23rd August 2019 – Government Research Names Stormdry
A government research paper says that Stormdry can reduce the likelihood of interstitial condensation and mould growth behind internal wall insulation.

15th April 2019 – Leading Damp-Proofing Materials Now Available in 1 Litre Packs
Safeguard's damp-proofing materials have been used on large construction jobs for more than 35 years. New 1 litre packs get big results for small jobs.

3rd April 2019 – 65% of tenants not aware of new Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act
The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act came into force on 20th March 2019. 65% of respondents were not aware of the new Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018

12th March 2019 – Beat Mould with Dryzone Mould-Resistant Paint Solutions
Dryzone Mould-Resistant Paint allows you to eradicate mould growth, even in areas with high levels of condensation. Change your paint, not your lifestyle.

1st March 2019 – Safeguard Releases Highly Effective Mould Killer Spray
The UKs leading damp-proofing & waterproofing manufacturer, releases its highly-effective, biocidal and bleach free Dryzone 100 Mould Killer Spray.

17th December 2018 – Safeguard Launches Stormdry Anti-Graffiti Coating
Stormdry AG-Coat is a water-resistant coating that enables easy removal of spray-paint, marker pen ink fly posters from masonry using brush or power spray.

25th September 2018 – Stormdry Crack Bridging Coat
Stormdry Crack Bridging Coat Coat is a water-resistant coating intended for use on masonry and stone where multiple fine cracking is seen on the wall surface.

19th September 2018 – Roxil TTJ Timber Innovation Awards
Roxil Wood Protection Cream has recently be shortlisted as a finalist in the Innovative Product Development Category of the 22nd annual TTJ Timber Innovation Awards.

27th July 2018 – Introducing Stormdry XR Mortar
Making patch repairs to pointing and isolated wall defects just became a whole lot easier thanks to Stormdry XR Mortar.

22nd March 2018 – Woodworm Identification & Treatment Guide
The Woodworm Identification & Treatment booklet covers all stages of the survey, identification and treatment process.

15th February 2018 – New RIBA Approved Penetrating Damp CPD
To help people understand the problem of penetrating damp and its possible solutions Safeguard Europe has launched a comprehensive new CPD seminar called Dealing with Rain Penetration.

28th March 2017 – Dryrod Damp-Proofing Rods Gain International Approval from the WTA
Safeguard Europe, the UK’s leading damp-proofing and waterproofing manufacturer, is pleased to announce that Dryrod Damp-Proofing Rods are now approved by both the British Board of Agrément and the WTA.

22nd March 2017 – Fast & Easy Replastering Over Damp Walls with Drybase Flex
Drybase Flex Membrane and Adhesive is a new and innovative way to replaster walls after the installation of a new chemical damp-proof course. The salt and damp-proof fleeced membrane doesn’t require any plugs or drilling to install. Simply stick it onto the wall using our ready-to-mix Drybase Flex Adhesive.

20th March 2017 – Safeguard Launches New Roxil Landscaping Range
The new Roxil Landscaping Range from Safeguard Europe Ltd, the UKs leading damp-proofing and waterproofing manufacturer, is now available for purchase. The innovative new range of products is ideal for protecting outdoor wooden structures, patios and paved surfaces from the elements.

8th September 2016 – House Purchasers Scared Off by Damp
38 percent of potential house purchasers would withdraw their offer on a house if it suffered from damp – YouGov'

6th July 2016 – New Outdoor Wood Preservatives
Safeguard Europe is announcing the launch of Roxil Wood Protection Liquid and SoluGuard Mould & Rot Treatment, the new outdoor wood preservatives products from Safeguard.

4th December 2015 – New Damp-Resistant Plasters
Safeguard Europe is announcing the launch of Dryzone Damp-Resistant Plaster in early 2016, completing the Dryzone System range of rising damp renovation products.

1st October 2015 – Damp Experts Speak Up
"A variety of subjects were covered by the speakers at this year’s Dampness in Buildings Conference. The event was organised by Safeguard and attended by over 80 attendees from all areas of the industry including councils, housing associations, contractors and architects."

1st August 2015 – “Rising Damp & its Control”
We are proud to announce that we have published a completely revised and updated edition of Rising Damp & its Control, the definitive guide to the treatment of rising damp.

8th July 2015 – New Raincheck LS Limestone Waterproofer
Raincheck LS is the brand new waterproofing product from Safeguard. Specifically developed for the purpose of waterproofing limestone.

1st May 2015 – Stormdry BBA-Approved
Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream is the only BBA-Approved Colourless Masonry Water Repellent

1st October 2014 – London Science Museum Conference
"Over 80 of the damp industry’s leading professionals attended Safeguard Europe’s ‘Dampness in Buildings’ conference on the 18th September at the prestigious London Science Museum."

1st March 2014 – Dryrod Damp-Proofing Rods
Dryrod Damp-Proofing Rods from Safeguard Europe – the UK’s leading specialist in damp-proofing, waterproofing, and masonry repair solutions.

25th April 2013 – Stormdry qualifies for 5% VAT
"Discover how Stormdry’s energy saving properties for insulating walls qualify it for 5% VAT."

21st February 2013 – Dryzone System for Faster Replastering
The new Dryzone System from Safeguard Europe offers a faster way to replaster after treating rising damp - in just 24 hours.

28th August 2012 – Vandex Basement Tanking System
Vandex - Basement waterproofing, swimming pools, damp walls, ponds, tunnels and drinking water structures.

26th June 2012 – Dryzone Efficacy Test
Instytut Techniki Budowlanej in Warsaw efficacy test for Dryzone rising damp treatment.

26th January 2012 – Joint Sealing
Sealing and waterproofing of cracks, construction joints, and expansion joints in concrete structures.

20th October 2011 – Energy Saving
Independent evaluation by Giraffe Innovation showing carbon (CO₂) savings possible when waterproofing brickwork with Stormdry.

8th June 2011 – New Product Guide
Download our new product guide or request a copy by post. Overview of our damp-proofing, waterproofing & timber treatment range.

9th March 2011 – Stormdry Sample Tubes
Test a small patch of wall prior to full application of Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream.

12th November 2010 – CE Marking for Vandex Products
CE Marking to EN 1504-2 and EN 1504-3 for Vandex Concrete Repair and Protection Products

14th September 2010 – Dryzone gets approval for extremely damp walls
Independent tests show Dryzone Damp-Proofing injection cream is effective even in extremely damp walls.

28th May 2010 – New Stormdry Website and Video
Colourless, breathable waterproofing cream for brickwork, stonework, and concrete.

29th March 2010 – New Masonry Water-Repellent Cream
Water-repellent cream for use on brick, stone, mortar, and concrete. Has heat-saving and flood-protection applications.

12th March 2010 – New Packaging Design for Dryzone
Dryzone Damp-Proofing cream now comes in a printed foil cartridge to assist product identification in the marketplace.

12th January 2010 – Updated Basement CPD Seminars
"Safeguard’s basement waterproofing CPD seminars have now been updated to reflect the revisons made in BS 8102:2009."

27th April 2009 – Green Roof Kits
Kit for small green roofs - e.g. sheds, summerhouses, extensions, garages, log cabins.

10th February 2009 – New Oldroyd Brochures
New Oldroyd brochures demonstrating the use of Oldroyd cavity drainage membranes on interiore walls and green roofs.

9th January 2009 – Drinking Water Brochure
Waterproofing protecting reservoirs and drinking water storage tanks.

28th November 2008 – Vandex Videos
View videos showing the application of Vandex waterproofing and concrete repair products on the Safeguard website.

27th August 2008 – New Green Roof Fixing Guides
How to install pitched and flat green roofs using the Oldroyd green roof system.

7th May 2008 – New CPD Seminar, “Dealing with Dampness”
Our latest CPD seminar entitled “Dealing with Dampness”, has been given RIBA approval.

3rd April 2008 – Oldroyd Increase Recycled Content
Oldroyd membranes are used for waterproofing and drainage applications including basements, green roofs, and retaining walls.

1st April 2008 – Homebuilding Show
"Safeguard to exhibit at this years show at Birmingham’s NEC"

27th February 2008 – CIRIA
Safeguard joins the Construction Industry Research and Information Assicaiation (CIRIA)

22nd November 2007 – Vandex e-Newsletter
News and case studies featuring Vandex waterproofing products.

17th October 2007 – New Sump System
New range of sump systems for use in conjunction with the Oldroyd cavity drainage system.

29th June 2007 – Oldroyd Foundations & Basements
Waterproofing and drainage solutions for foundations and basements.

26th April 2007 – Vandex Construction Joint Solutions
Waterproofing and drainage solutions for foundations and basements.

22nd February 2007 – National Homebuilding & Renovating Show
Free tickets are available for people wishing to visit our stand at the NEC (22nd - 27th March 2007).

12th January 2007 – Interior Walls and Basements brochure
New brochure illustrating the use of Oldroyd cavity drainage membranes to provide dry walls in above and below-ground situations including barn conversions.

30th October 2006 – Oldroyd Life Cycle Assessment
An overview of the design, production, performance, and disposal of Oldroyd waterproofing and drainage membranes from an environmental perspective.

2nd October 2006 – New Oldroyd Flooring / Ground Gas Brochure
Using Oldroyd cavity drain membranes to protect floors against moisture and ground gases such as radon, methane and carbon dioxide (CO₂).

13th September 2006 – New Vandex Rapid Range
Safeguard are pleased to announce the launch of the new Vandex Rapid Range in the UK.

17th July 2006 – BBA Certificate for Oldroyd Xp Plaster Membrane
New BBA certificate for Oldroyd Xp waterproofing membrane with plaster lath.

13th July 2006 – New green roof membranes
Green roof drainage membranes from Oldroyd featuring multi-layer technology.

25th March 2006 – Safeguard wins export award
Safeguard Europe Ltd wins Sussex Passport to Export Award.

4th January 2006 – New 20 mm stud membrane
Oldroyd launches a new high-profile cavity drainage membrane known as Oldroyd Xv 20

12th October 2005 – Basement conversions – New case studies
Two examples of basement conversions carried out using the Oldroyd Xv waterproofing system - one residential, one commercial.

22nd August 2005 – New Vandex practical training courses
"Practical ‘hands on’ course on the correct preparation, mixing, application, and curing of Vandex waterproofing products."

9th August 2005 – Safeguard launch new website
The Safeguard website has been completely resdesigned.

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