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Green roofs (pitched)

The benefits of green roofs are becoming increasingly understood by those in the UK construction industry.

Waterproofing systems for pitched green roofs tend to be simpler than those for flat green roofs, as “pooling” of water has less potential to cause a problem. Nevertheless, as with all waterproofing products, the success of the system is dependent upon the quality of installation.

A pitched green roof constructed from treated timber

Typically, the studded Oldroyd Xv Green membrane is laid over a suitable exterior grade bitumen-based roofing felt to form a waterproof drainage layer. The turf or sedum layer is then laid directly over the Oldroyd Xv membrane.

An edging board constructed from 2″ × 6″ treated timber is secured around the perimeter of the roof using special Oldroyd Turf Roof Hooks. This holds the turf in place and prevents it from sliding off the roof. For roofs with a pitch of greater than 23° it is necessary to provide a framework to retain the turf.

Fixing Guide

A guide to installing pitched green roofs can be downloaded free of charge in PDF format by clicking on the image to the right.

The guide shows how Oldroyd Xv Green can be used to create a typical Scandinavian-style pitched roof – also known as a turf roof or sod roof.

Technical Support

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For more information call
01403 210204