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Roxil Combination Wood Preservative System

Roxil preserves and protects against most types of wood damage

Keep the patio deck in shipshape and the garden shed free from decay with the Roxil Combination Preservation and Protection System.

Between dodgy weather, wood-boring insect attack and algae growth, the wooden elements of your garden are under threat from moisture, woodworm and invisible fungal spores.

Discover the damage water can do to timber. 

Uncover the threat of wet rot.


Together, Roxil Coloured Wood Stain Preserver and Roxil Wood Protection Cream:

  • prevents wood warping
  • prevents woodworm
  • prevents mould, rot and algae growth
  • waterproofs softwood and absorbent hardwood

Biocidal protection

Use Roxil Coloured Wood Preserver to pre-treat absorbent hardwoods and softwoods. Eliminate the risk of woodworm, fungi, algae, lichen and mould with his powerful preservative. It penetrates deeply into timber to increase its lifetime. Roxil Coloured Wood Preserver is a primer and should be over-coated for ultimate wood protection. 

Biological growth takes many forms. The atmosphere around us is thick with invisible fungal spores. Most of these are harmless to humans. The fungi responsible for wet and dry rot circulate in the air, waiting for the perfect combination of conditions to settle and start to grow mould colonies:


  • Moisture from condensation, water sources or rainfall
  • Nutrients in wood
  • A temperature around 23°C

Roxil Coloured Wood Stain Preserver is the underlying layer of defence against wood rotting and wood-staining fungi. When spores settle on a Roxil-treated surface, the active ingredients get to work to make timber an inhospitable environment for biological growth. Simply apply 2 or 3 coats with a brush and wait 24 hours to dry for full protection.

Water protection

Protects the appearance of wood

Once Roxil Coloured Wood Preserver has dried, it’s waterproofing time. Roxil Wood Protection Cream makes the surface of timber water-repellent. This reduces the rate of natural discolouration and helps keep the surface clear. 

Raindrops catch dust particles as they fall, spreading dirt across the surfaces it lands on. As water simply slides off, the dirt doesn’t get the chance to land on and imbed itself into your garden furniture and buildings.

Protects the structural integrity of wood

Wooden deck floor boards old, warped and weathered and coming up, need to be nailed and repaired

If wood absorbs lots of moisture, it weakens. Wet timber swells and warps. This distortion can cause timber to buckle out of place, endangering the strength of wooden structures. 

Bad news when you trust decking boards to hold you and your family. Roxil Wood Protection Cream is waterproof. Not enough moisture penetrates timber for the wood to deform.  Learn more about why we waterproof wood here.



Suitable for most outdoor timber

Timber tables and chairs on a sunny day

The Roxil Combination System’s finish is UV-resistant to last through the sunshine. It is compatible with softwoods and absorbent hardwoods. As long as it isn’t a food preparation surface, the only limit to Roxil Combination Protection is your woodworking imagination! As well as potting sheds, decking and fences, the Roxil system can be used to protect:

  • Garden bars
  • Raised flower beds
  • Pergolas and gazebos
  • Ramadas
  • Trellis panels
  • Treehouses
  • Any other type of wooden structure you can possibly think of!

Get the Roxil Combination Preservative System:

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