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Sewer / manhole repair

Sewers and manholes can fall into disrepair for a variety of reasons including:

  • Poor workmanship during sewer construction
  • Service damage (wear, spalling brickwork, corrosion by sewer gasses)
  • Overloading – e.g. where sewer passes underneath a busy road

Failure to repair damaged sewers can lead to an increased risk of structural collapse. However, the most common reason for refurbishing sewers is to prevent the increased pumping and treatment costs that arise when groundwater is allowed to seep into a damaged sewer. It is also important to prevent brown water from seeping into the surrounding ground.

Vandex Sewer Refurbishment

The Vandex ‘Z’ range of waterproofing products has been specifically formulated for use in the demanding and aggressive environments encountered in sewers and sewage treatment facilities. A typical sewer or manhole refurbishment carried out using Vandex products would consist of the following steps:

  1. Plugging of leaks using Drybase Waterproof Plug
  2. Application of Unimortar 1 Z waterproofing / protective coating to the internal surfaces of the sewer. Alternatively, Vandex Polycem Z can be used to provide additional protection in sewers affected by a corrosive hydrogen sulphide gas environment.

Manhole Refurbishment

The Vandex Z range can also be used for manhole refurbishment. However, the introduction of the Vandex Rapid range allows manholes to be refurbished with much lower downtimes – typically 4 – 6 hours per manhole.

For more information call
01403 210204