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Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream certifications and accreditations

Stormdry beading on a wall in a rainstorm

We formulated Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream for one reason only: to keep walls warm. We protect brick walls from moisture damage because it’s an effective way to protect and enhance the insulative properties of cavity walls and solid walls. 

Saving Energy with Stormdry

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BBA approved


Stormdry has been tested to EN ISO 15148: 2002 (E) as effective on concrete, mortar, brick, and sandstone. To test this claim, the British Board of Agrément conducted a series of advanced tests. (Test Report No. 53232)

  • To test Stormdry’s breathability, tests were carried out in accordance with BS EN 12572 : 2001 Hydrothermal Performance of Building Materials and Products – Determination of water vapour transmission properties. Water vapour was found to have successfully transmitted through a Stormdry-treated brick wall.
  • Both a Stormdry-treated wall and an untreated wall were exposed to accelerated ageing tests. Multiple freeze-thaw cycles to simulate seasonal temperature change and UV exposure to simulate outdoor sunlight exposure (in accordance with BS EN ISO 4892-3 : 2000 Plastics – Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources) were used. After a simulated 25 years of weathering, the Stormdry coating remained undamaged and functional.
  • To test Stormdry’s water repellency, tests were carried out in accordance with BS EN ISO 15148 : 2002 Hygrothermal performance of materials and products – Determination of water absorption coefficient by partial immersion. These tests were carried out before and after the accelerated ageing treatment. In comparison to untreated samples, Stormdry was found to be fully water repellant both before and after the accelerated ageing treatment.
  • Samples of the various substrates prepared for the capillary absorption test were used to calculate the depth of penetration. The samples were broken in half and wetted with water. They showed that Stormdry had penetrated fletton brick to a depth of 12mm.
  • To determine how long Stormdry-treated surfaces took to dry, brick samples were immersed in water and sealed in a vapour impermeable membrane, leaving only the Stormdry-coated side of the surface exposed. Moisture on the Stormdry-treated surface dried much quicker than on an untreated surface.

CE-marked for the protection and repair of concrete structures

CE marking

Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream has been awarded CE-marking under the British Standard EN 1504-2:2005: Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures. Stormdry was certified as effective when applied to concrete structures for in:

  • Freeze-thaw resistance
  • Penetration depth
  • Breathability
  • Water absorption
  • Resistance to alkali

A1 rated against Fire by Warringtonfire

Stormdry is A1 fire-rated

Warringtonhouse, a fire testing, inspection and certification house, tested a Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream under British Standard EN 13501-1.

After extensive testing, it received an A1 classification as a non-combustible material. This is the highest possible rating.

The A1 rating certifies that Stormdry can be safely specified for use on properties that extend above 18 metres.  

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