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Underground car parks

Rising land prices and rising car ownership are leading to an acute shortage of parking spaces in the UK. One solution is to build car parks below ground. Choosing to build car parks underground brings a number of benefits.

  • Frees up valuable land for other uses
  • “Ugly” car parks do not spoil historical landscapes
  • Can allow one to build close to existing facilities

Underground car-parks range from a single space below a house to large municipal car-parks. However, like all underground structures, they need to be protected from water-ingress.

Because concrete is the favoured construction material for underground car-parks, Vandex Super usually offers the most cost-effective water-proofing solution, however, Vandex BB75 can also be used. On floor areas, Vandex Unimortar 2 can be used to provide a combined waterproofing and trafficable surface.

Green Roofs

Underground car parks can be constructed with green roofs, allowing the space above them to be used for parks or gardens.

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