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Wood preservation

Roof timbers

Timber is an extremely versatile construction material that has been used for thousands of years. While some types of timber are extremely durable, most of the timber used today is susceptible to decay if left untreated. This is because of a tendency in the last hundred years for forestry companies to concentrate on producing faster-growing softwoods such as pine. The extent of this bias towards softwoods is such that even if we could afford to use durable timbers for all our building needs, there would simply not be enough sustainable supplies to meet our demands.

Most buildings in the UK contain untreated timbers which can become affected by woodworm or, if allowed to become damp, dry rot or wet rot. When any of these organisms attack timber, they will cause loss of structural strength. In severe cases structural damage to the building is possible, so it is important to take action whenever active timber decay is identified.

In most cases, it will be necessary to apply a wood preservative to timbers in and around the affected area. Our ProBor and SoluGuard wood preservative ranges are suitable for the use in the treatment of both woodworm and dry rot / wet rot.

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