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Floor Refurbishment at Isle of Man School

The refurbished floor at the Isle of Man school


Dampness affecting the floor of a classroom of a school in the Isle of Man had caused the existing wooden floor finish to warp and lift. As well as being unsightly, this caused a potential health and safety risk.

The Floor Refurbishment

Flooring specialists, British Flooring Contract Services Ltd., suggested a refurbishment solution involving the use of Oldroyd Xs slimline cavity drainage membrane. Oldroyd Xs is a BBA-approved high specification damp-proof membrane incorporating a pattern of “grooves” that allow moisture to move behind the membrane. To minimise environmental impact, Oldroyd Xs contains a minimum of 56% recycled polypropylene. This is achieved without any loss of product performance by utilising Oldroyd’s multi-layer production technology.

Once the original wooden flooring finish had been removed, Oldroyd Xs membrane was laid over the whole floor area. All joints were sealed using Oldroyd sealing tapes. Two layers of marine ply were then laid directly onto the Oldroyd Xs membrane. Poly Safety Floor tiles were then applied to the marine ply using flooring adhesive.

  1. Floor before refurbishment
    The damp-affected floor during removal of the damaged wooden floor finish.
  2. Oldroyd Xs membrane
    Oldroyd Xs membrane being applied to the damp-affected floor.
  3. Layer build-up showing:
    1) Damp-affected floor
    2) Oldroyd Xs
    3) Marine plywood.
  4. Preparing plywood
    Brushing marine plywood before application of adhesive.
  5. Laying of floor tiles
    Applying flooring adhesive.
  6. The refurbished floor at the Isle of Man school
    Finished classroom floor with Poly Safety Floor tiles laid.

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