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How to get rid of fleas
Flea infestations are difficult to shift and can harm everyone in the home. Follow these prevention and treatment steps to stay flea-free.

Traumatic damp symptoms, causes and treatment
Traumatic damp is dampness caused by an internal or external leak. Let's explore what traumatic damp is, how to diagnose it and how to treat it.

Damp and mould legislation you need to know
Government damp and mould guidance is underpinned by existing legislation to ensure the safety of tenants in rented accommodation. Read our guide: 

Mould: the physical and mental health costs
Damp and mould in homes can pose serious threats to physical and mental health. Backed up by the latest government guidance, let's see how mould affects us.

Cleaning mould the right way: 3 steps for landlords
3 steps for landlords to take when dealing with mould complaints in their properties. In line with the latest UK government guidance.

Damp and mould guidance: what building industry contractors need to know
In September 2023, the UK government released refreshed damp and mould guidance for landlords. Find out what contractors hired by landlords should know.

How to use wood varnish
Exterior wood varnish is a popular finish for fences and furniture. Does it still stand up as an effective way to protect wood or is there a better way?

How to use decking oils
Decking oils enhance the natural beauty of the wood and provide a protective layer against the elements. Read on for a guide on how to apply them.

How to use wax wood polishes
Furniture Wax is a versatile and highly effective choice for interior wood polish. Explore all the different types of wax and the best way to apply them.

Mould spores in summer: what you need to know
Find out how black mould spreads and grows in the summer. Learn what to do to prevent and stop mould growth in a warmer climate.

How to waterproof a garden shed
Learn how to protect a garden shed & other outdoor wood with our step-by-step guide to applying Roxil Wood Protection Cream & Roxil Wood Protection Liquid.

How to clean a garden shed
Follow these steps to effectively and easily clean sheds, fences, furniture and decking of biocidal wash prior to applying a protective wood treatment. 

How to get rid of Carpet Beetles
Carpet Beetle larvae eat soft furnishings. Find out how to identify the UK’s common types of carpet beetle and how to get rid of them.

Anatomy of a DPC Cream – What makes Dryzone superior?
What makes Dryzone DPC Cream best? Let's put our lab coats on and delve into the world of silanes and siloxanes to find out.

A landlord’s guide to managing black mould
Landlords are always responsible for ensuring properties are free from condensation and damp. Read this guide to stop mould complaints in your properties.

Cavity wall insulation problems: what to do if CWI fails
Have you had cavity wall insulation installed and then noticed an increase in damp and mould? Here's what to do to fix your damp cavity wall insulation.

How to clean black mould from your washing machine
Washing machines are black mould breeding grounds and they can be difficult to clean. Find out how to keep your washing machine sparkling with this guide.

5 energy saving quick tips for a warmer winter
Understand how to keep your home warm without costly internal or cavity wall insulation with these 5 energy-saving tips to save money this winter.

Stormdry helps to warm homes
Plan ahead for winter and make your insulated home as energy efficient as it can be with Stormdry - the UK’s Original Waterproofing Brick Cream.

Improving ventilation and air conditioning with moisture buffering
Discover how to use ‘Moisture buffering’ (also known as humidity buffering) materials in your home to absorb moisture and improve natural ventilation.

How to treat timber decking boards
Timber decking extends your garden's useable space and keeps mud off your shoes. Here's how to treat timber decking boards.

How to protect your potting shed
Whether your potting shed’s an oasis from stress or somewhere to grow flowers, it needs full protection. Find out how to protect your potting shed here.

10 modern garden ideas to spruce up your space for summer
There’s more to outdoor wooden buildings than just a place to hide the lawnmower. Here's 10 modern garden ideas to spruce up your place for summer.

Waterproofing wood treatments in the garden
Find out why you should use waterproofing wood treatments like the Roxil Wood Preservative System in your garden.

How to get rid of Black Garden Ants around the home
In Spring, ants arrive in homes, kitchens and gardens. Here's how to get rid of black garden ants in the home and garden.

Mouldy walls? Here’s what not to do
The most common mould treatment mistakes home-owners and renters make when treating mouldy walls & how to get it right with biocidal treatments.

5 lifestyle changes to stop Condensation
Excess condensation causes your home to become damp and mould to grow. Here's 5 lifestyle changes you can make to stop condensation now.

Condensation in the House – 4 reasons to reduce it
Ventilation isn’t always an easy task, especially in a busy working home. Here's 4 reasons to reduce the amount of condensation in the house.

EPC Ratings and Landlords: Do I Need to Upgrade My Property?
Landlords are now legally required to ensure their rental properties have an EPC rating of at least E or above. There is much to consider when choosing upgrade methods.

What Does PAS 2035 Mean for the Future of Retrofit Installers?
Retrofit installers will have to change their approach to publicly funded jobs. PAS 2035 requires jobs to be overseen by an approved Retrofit Coordinator.

Winter is Coming! Prepare to Hibernate with Stormdry
Protect your property with Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream before the winter arrives. Don't wait for damp issues to appear, enjoy a dry home this winter.

Timber Treatment: How to treat indoor & outdoor wood
Wood, whether in an indoor or outdoor environment, is vulnerable to the effects of rot, woodworm, warping and mould growth. Find out how to treat them all.

Rising Damp: Treat It Right or Treat It Twice
Rising damp problems are stressful enough but it becomes a bigger problem when a treatment fails. Find out how to stop this from happening with Dryrod.

Wood & Patio Maintenance with Roxil
Mouldy patios, sheds and fences can affect the beauty of a garden and reduce their functional lifetime. The Roxil range makes wood & patio maintenance easy.

Dampness and Landlords’ Responsibilities Under the New Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act
The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 includes tenants' right to expect, and the landlords' responsibilities to provide, “freedom from damp.”

The Condensation Season Mould Survival Guide
Living in a mouldy property can be a terrible experience. This small guide will tell you the dos and don'ts of solving mould and condensation problems.

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