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Stormdry helps to warm homes

Stormdry helps to improve energy efficiency

The sun is out. It’s the perfect time to get stuck into home improvement projects.

Think ahead to winter and make your insulated home as energy efficient as it can be with Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream – the UK’s Original Waterproofing Brick Cream.

It keeps walls dry and breathable for 25 years in just one coat.

We’re not just saying that – Stormdry is the most rigorously tested brick cream on the market.

Here’s what Stormdry does:

  • Stormdry improves the thermal performance of correctly-installed insulation
  • Stormdry protects the health of brick walls
  • Stormdry keeps walls dry
  • Stormdry allows wet walls to dry out

Dry walls are warm walls. When rain hits brickwork, it soaks in and damages the wall over time. Insulation is the primary driver of your home’s thermal performance. A well-insulated home keeps heat in, but it won’t protect brickwork from water damage.

A wet wall means a cold house. It’s as simple as that.

Penetrating damp makes homes cold

When applied to defect-free walls, Stormdry offers at least 25 BBA-certified years of protection against water ingress. 

It supplements the energy efficiency of your home by protecting brick walls from penetrating damp. 

Explore Penetrating Damp

Wind-driven rain-inflicted damage is commonly known as Penetrating Damp. The onset of penetrating damp often happens invisibly. Moisture quietly seeps through damaged brickwork to saturate all types of wall insulation. The home’s inhabitants are none the wiser until damp patches appear on interior walls. When damp reaches the interior wall, the damage has already been done. Luckily, Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream is waterproof and breathable. The cream formulation stops water from getting into walls but does not stop moisture from evaporating from the structure. This means that Stormdry facilitates the drying-out process.

Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream has been scientifically proven to improve the thermal performance of solid and cavity walls by keeping water out. It is the most extensively tested waterproofing brick cream on the market. Extensive tests by Lucideon as well as multiple reports commissioned by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government have found that Stormdry protects insulation and reduces heat loss.

Verified by the Energy Saving Trust

Stormdry is verified by the Energy Saving Trust for improving “… the energy efficiency of dwellings by reducing heat loss, leading to lower heating requirements.”

Stormdry is verified by the Energy Saving Trust 2022

Your home will be the most expensive purchase you make in your lifetime. Don’t get it wet. Stormdry Masonry Cream protects your home against rain damage in just one coat and has been tested to last 25 years. Wind-driven rainfall damages weather-facing exterior walls over time. If left unprotected, exposure to moist conditions can damage the home, lower its thermal efficiency and cause penetrating damp. 

Stormdry is easy to apply. The thick white cream absorbs deeply into brick to form a protective barrier that cures invisibly.

Retain the natural look of a variety of brick, sandstone, concrete and mortar substrates, protecting them from the harsh impact of wind-driven rainfall. 

Stormdry can be used in conjunction with energy-saving retrofit

Future-proof your home and minimise the risk of penetrating damp.

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