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Victorian Domestic Property, Bournemouth – Fixing Rising Damp with Dryrods and the Dryzone Express Replastering System

This domestic terraced house in the seaside town of Bournemouth. The house is a traditional brick build with cavity walls and a render on the weather facing external wall.

The Problem

Before treatment

The property was suffering from rising damp and salt damage in the living room. In some areas – such as below the front facing bay window – the walls had become particularly saturated with damp. The plasterwork had also been damaged throughout by dampness and salts, so was in need of full replacement.

The Solution

As carrying out remedial works would prevent use of the room and disrupt family life, a quicker solution was requested by the property owner. A combination of Dryrod Damp-Proofing Rods and Dryzone Express Replastering was chosen for its speed and efficacy.

Installing Dryrod Damp-Proofing Rods into the base of the wall to form a damp-proof course

The plaster was fully removed and Dryrod Damp-Proofing Rods installed near the base of the wall all around the room. This powerful treatment permeates through even fully saturated mortar and brick, and cures to form a highly effective barrier to rising damp.

Applying Dryshield Cream to the wall

For carrying out the replastering, Dryshield Cream was first applied to the walls by brush. This stops the growth of strong salt crystals on the surface of the walls as they dry out. The cream is usually left to soak in for 30 minutes, however where the walls were very damp it was left for an hour.

Applying Drygrip Adhesive to the back of the plasterboard

While Dryshield was left to prime the walls, the plasterboard was trimmed to size. Once the plasterboard was readied, Drygrip Adhesive was dabbed on to the reverse of the boards. The plasterboard was then offered up to the wall. Positioning plugs were used to ensure the boards lined up to formed a smooth surface.

Applying The finishing coat of plaster on top of the plasterboard

Once in place the walls were ready for a skim coat of plaster. The treatment had taken just a half day to complete, with only decorating to follow. The contractor was pleased with the system as it had been straightforward to carry out and easy to fix up, especially round the bay window area which can often be troublesome using a sand and cement render, which is the traditional method for replastering in rising damp situations.

After treatment

After the Dryzone Express Replastering System was installed, use of the room was quickly regained and there have been no further issues with rising dampness. The homeowners were pleased with the swift turnaround and the Dryzone System provided a wholly effective treatment for their home.

For more information call
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