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Rented Basement Flat, Brighton – Condensation and Mould Issues

This rented domestic basement flat in East Sussex is located underneath a town house on the main road of a busy seaside town. The flat does not receive much direct sunlight and certain areas of the property are not able to be well ventilated.

The Problem – Condensation and Mould Growth

Before treatment

The bathroom, which is situated in the middle of the property, has no access to windows or heating and there is no extractor fan present. With regular use, this means that the bathroom is a very cold and humid environment, leading to condensation and the widespread appearance of mould on the ceiling and walls.

The Solution – Mould-Resistant Coating

Normally, the first steps to solving condensation issues would be to either remove the humid air via ventilation or to stop the condensation forming by improving the heating situation. Due to the position of the bathroom within the flat, it was not financially feasible for the tenants or the landlord to install proper ventilation or to improve the heating situation.

It was decided that, in the absence of ventilation of heating improvements, the best solution to the problem would be to properly remove the mould and then re-decorate the room using a mould-resistant coating.

Spraying SoluGuard Multi-Surface Biocide onto the affected area
Scrubbing SoluGuard Multi-Surface Biocide onto the affected area

The wall was cleaned using SoluGuard Multi-Surface Biocide. Using appropriate gloves, eye protection and breath masks, the liquid biocide was decanted into a spray bottle and then distributed evenly onto all mould affected surfaces. After being left to soak for a few minutes, the mould was then wiped away using a sponge.

Once the mould affected areas had been cleaned and allowed to dry out, two coats of Dryzone Mould-Resistant Emulsion Paint were applied via roller. A brush was used to carefully apply the paint to borders and areas that required detail.

Applying Dryzone Mould-Resistant Emulsion Paint
After treatment

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