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Wooden Clubhouse, Kent – Roxil Wood Preserver & Roxil Wood Protection Cream


Ashford Beekeeping Club, Kent

Ashford Beekeeping Club sits in a picturesque field in Ruckinge, a small village in South Kent. Their timber clubhouse sits in an exposed field, overlooking the Apiary. The clubhouse is used for both keeping beekeeping equipment, hosting regular meetings, club social events, beekeeping training sessions and as a shelter from bad weather.

From young amateurs to experienced apiarists, Ashford Beekeeping Club needed their number 1 base of operations to always remain in good condition and always looking in great shape.

The problem

Roxil Wood Preserver application 3

Situated on the edge of a large patch of fields, the Clubhouse is heavily exposed to the elements. While the type of bees being kept in the apiary do not pose a threat to wood, many types of wood-boring beetles live in rural areas like this. As well as the possibility of infestation, the Clubhouse is unsheltered. Rain, snow and wind in winter could all damage the structure in winter. In summer, the threat of UV damage and discolouration is high. 

As a club that runs entirely on voluntary contributions, Ashford Beekeeping Club were looking for an easy-to-apply solution that did not require specialised application nor regular maintenance. The solution needed to be something that could be applied by members of the club. Due to the clubhouse’s exposed location, the solution needed to be able to offer protection against wood-boring beetles, rot and moisture relatively quickly.

The solution

Ashford Beekeeping Club Roxil Wood Preserver Application

The team of passionate volunteers banded together on an unseasonably cloudy July afternoon to apply Roxil Clear Wood Preserver. Using simple painter’s brushes, they quickly covered the clubhouse in 2 coats of Roxil Clear Wood Preserver. Just time for a cup of tea and a beef sandwich before an hour had passed and the first coat was touch-dry. Soon enough, it was time for a second coat of Roxil Clear Wood Preserver. The water-based formulation made Roxil quick and easy to apply. 

The team then let the treated wood fully dry for 24 hours before applying the finishing protective coat of Roxil Wood Protection Cream. 


Ashford Beekeeping Club Roxil Wood Preserver Application 2

The non-drip, cream-based formulation of Roxil Wood Protection Cream made it easy to attain full coverage without wasting product going back over areas you’ve already been. It is quick to dry – showerproof within an hour – and achieves full protection after just 7 days.

As Roxil Wood Protection Cream only requires one coat to achieve full protection, the application itself is fast and easy. The cream absorbed into the timber walls within just 2 hours in the summer sun and got to work protecting the wooden clubhouse. 

All in all, it only took a few hours to fully Preserve and Protect the Ashford Beekeeping Clubhouse. Roxil enabled the team of enthusiastic DIYers armed with just the application instructions on the back of the can to preserve and protect their outdoor timber quickly and easily. They can enjoy years of low-maintenance protection against woodworm, rot, UV weathering and water damage. Now they have more time to focus on the things that matter to them – stewarding a healthy and growing bee population!

How to Prepare, Preserve & Protect like Ashford Beekeeping Club

Roxil Wood Preserver can at Ashford
  1. Prepare

    Use a biocidal cleaner like Roxil 100 Wood & Patio Cleaner to remove any grime and biocidal growth like algae or mould.

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  2. Preserve

    Use Roxil Clear or Coloured Wood Stain Preserver to keep wood rot and wood-boring beetles at bay.
  3. Protect

    Finish the job with Roxil Wood Protection Cream to establish a strong waterproof barrier.

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