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Damp Floors

Standard 1945 - 1959 floor construction

Walls are not the only part of a building that can suffer from damp problems. Floors can also be susceptible to moisture ingress, especially concrete floors. Concrete is naturally very porous. This means that water can rise up through capillaries, which can lead to damp floors and mould problems.

Modern houses are built with damp-proof membranes to avoid damp rising through concrete floors. Older buildings, however, were often built without damp-proof membranes and problems with damp floors can arise in these properties. Problems with damp floors can be tricky to deal with, whether in old buildings or new ones. Traditionally, when the physical damp-proof membrane is faulty or entirely missing, the whole floor has to be replaced as identifying the exact location of the defect can be difficult.

There are, however, two options of damp-proofing concrete floors without replacing the floor itself. Either a new physical damp-proof membrane can be installed to damp-proof floors or a coat of a liquid-applied damp-proof membrane can be applied to damp-proof concrete floors.

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Damp Floor Treatments

Drybase provides a range of liquid-applied damp-proof membranes for concrete floors. The products are simply applied by brush or roller and damp-proof floors in old buildings as well as new ones. Each liquid damp-proof membrane has different characteristics and protects floors against a variety of problems.

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Physical Damp-Proof Membranes for Concrete Floors

Damp-proofing concrete floors with a physical damp-proof membrane can be achieved with the use of Oldroyd Cavity Drainage Membranes. There is a range of Oldroyd damp-proof membranes for floors, supplied in rolls of varying sizes.

Oldroyd Xs Slimline Membrane is a damp-proof membrane commonly used on top of damp concrete floors or newly-laid floor slabs.

Damp-proofing floors with damp-proof membranes is best done by professional contractors. Call us on 01403 210204 or submit an enquiry for contact information of contractors in your area.

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