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Floors & walls

Treating rising damp with Dryrods

The basic symptoms of damp, e.g. peeling paint / wallpaper, are largely the same regardless of the cause of dampness. However, different causes of dampness require different methods of treatment so it is essential to correctly diagnose the cause of dampness before treatment begins.

The best way to gain the knowledge required to carry out such a diagnosis would be to attend one of our training courses. However, a brief description of how to carry out a survey for dampness is contained in our free publication, Rising Damp & its Control.

Safeguard provide a wide range of products for use in combating and preventing above-ground damp problems in floors and walls such as:

Products for the treatment of above-ground damp problems include:

Products are also available for the treatment / prevention of damp and water ingress in basements and underground structures.

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