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NBS Clauses

Links to NBS approved specification clauses for Safeguard products are listed below. For assistance in specifying products for specific site applications, please contact our technical department on 01403 210204 or submit an enquiry.

Users of the NBS Plus software package are able to “drag and drop” our specification clauses directly into their specifications.

Alternatively, clauses can simply be “cut and pasted” from the specification links below.

NBS clauses should be used in conjunction with the CAD drawings and product datasheets available for free download from this website.

Further information about NBS can be found on the NBS website,

These clauses are edited versions of generic NBS clauses and new clauses written for Safeguard Europe Ltd. To specify the product, some or all of these ‘proprietary’ clauses are incorporated into the NBS work section. It is not possible to produce a project specification by using the clauses in isolation – generic NBS clauses (including prelims) must also be used.

The specification clauses and guidance notes provided in this section are based on the NBS subscription service and shall be subject to the provisions of Copyright Notice, Conditions of Sale and Disclaimer upon which that service is supplied. The information, to the extent that it relates exclusively to products manufactured and distributed by Safeguard Europe Ltd., is published under the sole authority of Safeguard Europe Ltd. The information is not meant to be exhaustive and is given in good faith to assist in defining specification for their products. All users must verify the information and ensure its suitability for the particular applications for which it is required. Safeguard Europe Ltd. and NBS Services can accept no liability for loss or damage which arise from the application of the information and they expressly exclude liability for such loss or damage to the extent permitted by the law.

These Specification Guides are intended for use by NBS subscribers. If you are not a subscriber and would like more information, please contact:

The Customer Services Department
NBS The Old Post Office,
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Newcastle upon Tyne.
Telephone: 0191 232 9594
Fax: 0191 232 5714
Email: [email protected]

For more information call
01403 210204