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CAWS Clauses J10-330


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Vandex Flextape System

The Vandex Flextape System consists of Vandex Flextape, a high performance sealing tape, and Vandex Flextape Adhesive, a thixotropic epoxy resin adhesive.

The Flextape System bridges and seals expansion and construction joints, as well as cracks in concrete structures. The maximum permissible expansion under continuous load depends on the thickness of the tape and the width of the non-bonded expansion zone.

The Vandex Flextape System is resistant to hydrostatic pressure on the active side. On the passive side, in combination with a counterpressure structure.


Vandex Flextape is a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). It is extremely durable, resistant to weathering and UV and chemically stable. The bond to the substrate is achieved using Vandex Flextape Adhesive.

Vandex Flextape Adhesive is a mineral filled, two component solvent free epoxy resin. It consists of Vandex Flextape Adhesive Resin and Vandex Flextape Adhesive Hardener.

Consult Safeguard Europe Ltd technical literature for details. Safeguard Europe Ltd can also provide a design and specification service and it is recommended that they are consulted early in the design process.


Product reference:

Vandex Flextape System.


Light grey.



The substrate must be sound, clean and free of dust, oil and grease. Any unevenness or other surface irregularities must be levelled off prior to application of Vandex Flextape System.

Initial coat:

Apply the fully mixed Vandex Flextape Adhesive to both sides of joint/crack with a trowel or toothed comb.

Coating thickness:

1 – 2 mm Press the Vandex Flextape firmly into the Vandex Flextape Adhesive before it hardens. Work out entrapped air.

Final coat:

For construction joints and cracks: Completely cover Vandex Flextape with Vandex Flextape Adhesive.
For expansion joints: Cover Vandex Flextape with Vandex Flextape Adhesive, leaving an expansion zone free of adhesive.

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