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NBS Clause J10-340


To be read with Preliminaries / General conditions.


Vandex Construction Joint Tape

Vandex Construction Joint Tape bridges and seals construction joints and cracks in concrete structures. Vandex Construction Joint Tape is a synthetic rubber strip, approximately 0.7 mm thick. It is covered on both sides with an alkali-resistant and flexible polyester fabric mat, which forms a web on the edges.

The properties of the fabric mat and synthetic rubber combine to ensure a strong bond with the concrete surface, maintaining excellent elasticity of the tape.

Areas of Application:

Vandex Construction Joint Tape, in combination with Vandex BB75 E flexible waterproofing slurry, forms a durable seal of construction joints and cracks, in damp concrete conditions.

Vandex Construction Joint Tape is resistant to hydrostatic pressure:

  • on the positive side
  • on the negative side only with appropriate support

Consult Safeguard Europe Ltd technical literature for details. Safeguard Europe Ltd can also provide a design and specification service and it is recommended that they are consulted early in the design process.


Product reference:

Vandex Construction Joint Tape System.





The substrate must be sound, open textured, clean and free of oil and grease. Irregularities and surface voids must be made good.

Initial coat:

Vandex BB75 E.


1.5 mm

Joint tape:

Place the Vandex Construction Joint Tape on initial coat and embed both fabric edges in Vandex BB75 E mix.

Final coat:

Overcoat joint tape with Vandex BB75 E.


1.5 mm

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