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NBS Clause J40-380


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Safeguard Europe Ltd stock and distribute a range of products manufactured by Oldroyd Systemer AS of Norway. Oldroyd manufacture a wide range of polypropylene membranes to combat the problems of water ingress and dampness in buildings.

Oldroyd Gtx Studded Polypropylene Geotextile Membrane

Designed for use on external walls, basements and tunnels and is manufactured from 0.5 mm thick studded polypropylene with a polypropylene geotextile welded to the underlaying polypropylene. The studs, 5 mm high, face the wall and create air channels. Oldroyd Gtx is inert and stable under high pressure and is highly resistant to water, alkalis, saline solutions and acids. It is also resistant to bacteria, fungi and other small organisms.

Membrane thickness: 0.5 mm

Stud height: 5 mm

Colour: Black.

Weight: 0.625 kg/m2

Tensile Strength without geotextile (ISO 527): 44 MPa

Elongation at break without geotextile (ISO 527): 820%

Compression strength (ISO 527): >400 kN/m2

Consult Safeguard Europe Ltd technical literature for details. Safeguard Europe Ltd can also provide a design and specification service and it is recommended that they are consulted early in the design process.

Membrane Manufacturer:

Product reference:

Oldroyd Gtx Studded Polypropylene Membrane.


5 mm

Stud height:

5 mm


Consult Safeguard Europe Ltd technical literature for details.

Fixing centres:

Consult Safeguard Europe Ltd technical literature for details.


200 mm vertical overlap / 150 mm horizontal overlap.
Consult Safeguard Europe Ltd technical literature for details.

Exposed Edges:

Oldroyd edging profile
Seal with geotextile fabric to prevent silt entering the core.


  • Brick Plug with Compression Seals.
  • Compression Seals.
  • Plaster Plugs and Seals.
  • Plugs.
  • Gun Plugs
  • Brick Plugs.
  • Xv Finishing Profile.
  • Steel Nails with Plugs.

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