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BBA Certification for Oldroyd Xp Plaster Membrane

– Safeguard are pleased to announce that Oldroyd Xp Plaster Membrane now carries BBA approval (certificate number 06/4345).

The scope of the certificate covers all areas in which Oldroyd Xp is generally used, i.e:

  • Damp walls in underground situations subject to high groundwater levels, and perennial moisture – e.g.basement conversion projects.
  • On vaulted ceilings of archways or cellars subject to dripping water.
  • In conjunction with a remedial DPC system (e.g. Dryzone Damp-Proofing Cream) where the walls have a high salt content and/or it is necessary to complete the installation immediately without allowing for a period of drying.
  • Over a wall which has a friable or painted surface, is contaminated with oil or mould, or has a high salt content.
  • As a waterproofing or ‘tanking’ in areas subject to vibration.

In addition, the use of Oldroyd Xp Plaster Membrane as a waterproof support for render on external walls is covered in the certificate. Oldroyd Xp is often specified on external walls to prevent or treat penetrating damp.

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