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New Oldroyd Brochure – Flooring (Moisture and Gas Protection)

Oldroyd Xs used over contaminated floor

Contaminated Floor

– Oldroyd’s new brochure entitled “Flooring – Moisture and Gas Protection” examines the use of Oldroyd cavity drainage membranes on floors to protect against dampness, contamination, and ground gases such as radon, methane and carbon dioxide (CO2).

The brochure looks at the use of three different Oldroyd membranes with differing stud/groove heights to deal with differing levels of dampness and ground gas concentration:

  • Oldroyd Xs – low profile membrane for protecting against dampness and minor ground gas problems in above-ground situations.
  • Oldroyd Xv Black – standard stud-height membrane suitable for protecting against higher levels of dampness / ground gas ingress.
  • Oldroyd Xv 20 – large (20 mm) stud height membrane for dealing with higher levels of water ingress / ground gas concentration.

Each of the membranes features Oldroyd’s unique multi-layer technology which allows the use of 40% recycled plastic whilst increasing membrane strength.

Newbuild and Refurbishment

The Oldroyd membranes described in the brochure can be used in both newbuild and refurbishment projects. On refurbishment projects, the membranes are typically laid on top of damp and contaminated floors to provide protection for subsequent flooring layers. On newbuild projects the membranes can be used to allow fast-track installation of moisture-sensitive flooring finishes which could not otherwise be laid until the floor slab has had time to fully cure.

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