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Increased Recycled Contents for Oldroyd Cavity Drainage Membranes

– We are pleased to announce that Oldroyd have increased the minimum recycled content of some of the main cavity drainage membranes in their product range – as shown in the table below:

Membrane Previous mimumum recycled content New minimum recycled content
Oldroyd Xv Black 40% 56%
Oldroyd Xs 40% 56%
Oldroyd Xv 20 40% 49%
Oldroyd Green Range (Green Roofs) 40% 49%
Oldroyd Gtx Range 40% 49%

It should be noted that these are minimum recycled contents and that where quality and availability of recycled plastic allows, up to 70% recycled plastic may be used.

Oldroyd membranes are produced using a multi-layer process. This produces a membrane with a core layer containing recycled plastic that is sandwiched between two outer layers of virgin plastic (see microscope image on the right).

This multi-layer technology allows recycled plastic to be incorporated into the membrane without having a detrimental effect of product performance.

All calculations for the recycled content of Oldroyd membranes are carried out in accordance with the definition in section of ISO 14021:1999 (Environmental labels and declarations).

Oldroyd cavity drainage membranes are used for a variety of waterproofing and drainage applications including basement waterproofing, tunnel lining, barn conversions and green roofs.

For more information call
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