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New Packaging Design Makes it Easier to Identify Genuine Dryzone

– One of the most recognisable features of Dryzone Damp-Proofing cream is its eco-friendly foil packaging. To date our decision to promote Dryzone in foil tubes rather than plastic cartridges has resulted in a saving of approximately 120,000 kg in packaging waste.

From this month onwards, Dryzone will be supplied in printed foil cartridges (pictured) featuring the trademarked Dryzone logo. The new foil benefits from the same environmental credentials as the old silver-coloured foil packaging.

One of the main reasons for introducing the new packaging design is to make genuine Dryzone easy to identify in the marketplace. We are aware of cases where cheaply-made, low strength creams have been passed off as being “the same as Dryzone” by unscrupulous traders. The new packaging will assist consumers by making genuine Dryzone easy to differentiate from competing products.

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