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Dryzone Damp-Proofing Injection Cream Gets WTA Approval

– We are pleased to announce that Dryzone Damp-Proofing Cream has been approved by the German WTA for the treatment of rising damp in highly saturated walls up to 95% moisture content.

The WTA test method is particularly tough because the test walls are subjected to continual damp with no “dwell period” to assist the curing of the test material.

Furthermore, the test can be carried out at three levels of saturation – 60%, 80%, and 95%. Dryzone passed even when subjected to the most extreme test at 95% saturation.

The moisture contents of walls suffering from rising damp can vary considerably, even within a single property. However, high levels of saturation are not uncommon – particularly at the base of walls (where damp-proofing creams are injected). Some walls are more susceptible to high levels of saturation than others due to the pore structure of the brick, stone, and mortar that they are constructed from. For example, Victorian lime mortars are typically more absorbent than modern mortars and therefore more prone to severe rising damp. Thick walls generally exhibit higher moisture contents than thin walls as they have a proportionately smaller surface area for the damp to evaporate from. In these situations, choosing a treatment with proven efficacy in high moisture situations is important.

Dryzone Damp-Proofing Cream revolutionised the treatment of rising damp when it was introduced in 2000. Previously the most popular method of treating rising damp had been the injection of damp-proofing liquids into the wall. As well as saving time and reducing disruption, the use of Dryzone has a number of key benefits over liquid injection methods including:

  • Improved effectiveness
  • Lower hazard
  • Solvent-free and non-caustic
  • Injected into mortar course rather than bricks

Dryzone’s high degree of effectiveness can partly be explained by the fact that it is considerably stronger than competing products (Dryzone contains four times more active ingredient than typical competing damp-proofing injection creams). However, the blend of active ingredients in Dryzone has also been carefully selected to ensure that it is able to spread and cure to form an effective DPC in walls of all types.

Full installation instructions for Dryzone Damp-Proofing cream can be found in the free Safeguard publication, Rising Damp & its Control.

Further independent testwork on Dryzone Damp-Proofing Cream has been carried out by the BBA and the University of Portsmouth.

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