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Fast & Easy Replastering Over Damp Walls with Drybase Flex

No Drilling, No Gauging, No Waiting Around

Drybase Flex is a new and innovative way to replaster walls after the installation of a new chemical DPC. The salt and damp-proof fleeced membrane doesn’t require any plugs or drilling to install. Simply stick it onto the wall using our ready-to-mix Drybase Flex Adhesive.

The low-profile membrane is an easier and better alternative to plastic membranes and sand cement renders.

Why Use Drybase Flex Instead of Sand / Cement or Plastic Membranes?

  • No need for drilling and installing plugs
  • 1.5 mm profile allows easy blending to existing plaster
  • Quick setting adhesive allows for fast installation
  • Accepts direct application of standard gypsum plaster
  • Flexible for application to curved surfaces

Drybase Flex Membrane

A flexible and low-profile fleeced membrane for application to damp and salt contaminated walls. The damp-proof membrane stops moisture and salts from getting through to the new plaster coat. The fleeced surface of the membrane also provides plaster with an excellent surface to adhere to.

Drybase Flex Adhesive

A quick-drying and ready-to-mix adhesive for fixing Drybase Flex Membrane to damp and salt-contaminated walls. It is easily applied directly to walls using a trowel. Once the Drybase Flex Membrane has been adhered to the wall using the adhesive, it can be ready to accept plaster that same day.

For more information on Drybase Flex or the Drybase range of coatings, click here. If you require any other information or have any questions, give us a call on 01403 210204 or submit an enquiry.

For more information call
01403 210204