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Introducing Stormdry XR Mortar - Express Repair Mortar

Making patch repairs to pointing and isolated wall defects just became a whole lot easier thanks to Stormdry XR Mortar. The waterproof express repair mortar from Safeguard Europe has just been launched as a new addition to the ever popular Stormdry Masonry Enhancement Range.

Flexible crack and mortar repair

Stormdry XR - Express Repair Mortar

The ready-mixed polymer-modified mortar comes in handy 310ml mastic cartridges. Using the supplied nozzle, a standard mastic gun and suitable pointing trowel; the user can easily repair damaged pointing and isolated wall defects. The excellent adhesion and flexibility of the mortar make it ideal application to brick, stone, mortar or masonry

Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream

Built for compatibility

Stormdry XR Mortar was developed for use with all other products in the Stormdry Masonry Protection Range. It is ideal for patch repairs before the application of Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream; the only single-coat colourless masonry waterproofer approved by the BBA for a 25-year lifetime.

Built for speed

Stormdry XR Mortar Finish

There’s no need to gauge and mix up batches of slow drying sand and cement mortar in order to fix defects. Simply grab a tube of Stormdry XR and start patching. The 4-hour drying time of XR Mortar means also that both preparatory repairs and an application of Masonry Protection Cream on a wall can be carried out in the same day.

Stormdry XR Mortar is also ideal for filling holes drilled to install Dryrod DPC Rods or Dryzone DPC Cream.

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For more information call
01403 210204