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Stormdry CB-Coat - Crack Bridging solution for cracked substrates

Stormdry CB Crack Bridging Coat Coat has now been launched as part of Safeguard’s expansion of the Stormdry Masonry Enhancement range. Stormdry CB Coat is a water-resistant coating intended for use on masonry and stone where multiple fine cracking is seen on the wall surface.

Fill cracks on brick, stone and render

Stormdry CB Coat - Crack Bridging Coating

Waterproofing brick, stone, rendered or masonry walls with widespread fine cracking or degraded pointing has previously always been difficult. In these circumstances, the application of a standard masonry would not solve the problem. Repairs to large areas of finely cracked pointing, building materials or render can also be extremely time consuming and expensive.

Bridges cracks up to 0.6mm

Enhanced Crack Bridging

Stormdry CB Coat is a clear silicone waterproofer that will bridge cracks on walls of up to 0.6 mm width, eliminating the need to carry out widespread repairs on walls with large networks of fine cracking. It can be applied to brick, stone and masonry walls using a brush or roller. Once cured, the coating dries to a satin finish.

Applying Stormdry CB Coat

Built for compatibility

The crack bridging coat was developed to be compatible with other products in the Stormdry range. It is ideal for use as a top-coat after an application of Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream for enhanced weatherproofing on difficult to treat walls. Stormdry CB Coat can also be used as a standalone waterproofer if required.

The versatile crack bridging waterproofer comes supplied in 3 litre tins with a coverage rate of 4 – 5 m² per litre and 12 month shelf life.

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For more information call
01403 210204