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Beat Mould with Dryzone Mould-Resistant Paint Solutions

In our continued battle against the scourge of mould, Safeguard Europe has launched both Dryzone® Mould-Resistant Emulsion Paint and Dryzone® ACS Mould Eradication Additive. Stop mould growth on walls and ceilings, even in areas with high levels of condensation.

Mould Rectification Realism

A mouldy wall

Traditional advice for dealing with mould and condensation in properties tells homeowners that they need to change the way they live or spend money on expensive renovations for their property.

We know that this is not always possible to achieve due to living arrangements, budget limitations or available facilities. You may need to dry that washing inside or maybe you’re not able to turn the heating up. We also know, however, that living with mould in your property isn’t a good experience.

Change Your Paint, Not Your Lifestyle

Dryzone® Mould-Resistant Emulsion Paint is a high-quality matte emulsion paint that has been designed to resist the growth of mould. It comes in either white or magnolia and is simply applied to walls and ceilings like any other paint.

The paint contains a small amount of biocide that ensures mould growth is resisted, even in areas of high condensation. The resulting surface is washable and will remain mould-resistant for at least 5 years. Call 01403 210204 today to get rid of your mould problem.

Any Colour You Like

If you require a different colour than white or magnolia, Dryzone® ACS Mould Eradication Additive is available. This highly-effective biocidal paint additive liquid can be added to almost any type of paint to give it the same mould-resistant properties as Dryzone® Mould-Resistant Emulsion Paint.

Dryzone® ACS Mould Eradication Additive can also be added to wallpaper pastes and grouts, ensuring that you can choose the ideal look of your room whilst keeping it mould free. Call 01403 210204 today to start on the path to mould-free living.

For more information call
01403 210204