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New Condensation & Mould Beating CPD Seminar Available from Safeguard

Safeguard Europe has now launched its ‘Condensation in Buildings’ CPD seminar. The educational presentation joins an already extensive collection of damp-proofing and waterproofing seminars available from the UK’s leading experts in keeping buildings dry. The 1-hour presentation is designed to give councils, contractors and local authorities the knowledge and tools to fight condensation and mould problems effectively.

Common but Often Calamitous

Mould and Mildew

Condensation and the associated mould growth is the most common damp problem encountered by building occupants. In simple terms, it is caused by the presence of an excess amount of moisture in the air. When overly moisture-laden air comes into contact with a cold surface, the water suspended within the air condenses onto that surface.

This condensation can lead to mould growth and, in particularly severe cases, rot growth and material decay. Advice on how to deal with such problems is plentiful but often the advice given is not sufficiently qualified or one source will contradict another.

Safeguard Teaching a Practical Approach

Safeguard's 'Condensation in Buildings' CPD teaches practical solutions to condensation and mould problems

The various methods, products and solutions featured in this ‘Condensation in Buildings’ seminar are developed or researched by the qualified scientists of Safeguard’s laboratory. The guidance presented in the CPD is supported by scientific studies that are cited within the slides.

The focus of the presentation is on providing the attendee with practical real-world solutions to condensation and mould problems. The different solutions provided take into account both the severity of the condensation problems and the available time and budget to fix them.

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Safeguard's 'Condensation in Buildings' CPD seminar gives attendees practical solutions to condensation and mould problems

Safeguard’s CPD seminars are performed free-of-charge at a location of your choosing. The intention of the seminar is to provide the attendees with the practical solutions to condensation problems and to establish a working technical support relationship between Safeguard and the attending organisations.

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