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Out Now: NOPE! Pest Control

Safeguard Europe has everything you need to combat wriggling, buzzing and crawling critters with NOPE! pest control solutions – now available at Safeguard Store.

With Spring on the way and warmer temperatures every day, a new generation of insects grows – ready to infest the cupboards, behind skirting boards and out in the garden. Ants, flies and moths will be most prevalent in the early spring months, but rising temperatures mean the insect populations that were once limited to a few months of the year are often spotted all year round.

Free from solvents and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), NOPE! CP sprays are HSE-registered (no. 10815) for safe use around the home. They kill on contact, with a long-lasting residual effect. Turn known harbourages into insect-free zones and build an invisible barrier of NOPE! CP around your home. 

All NOPE! CP sprays have a disinfectant component to cleanse homes from the bacteria and parasites that common pests can spread.

Unlike most other pests, ant colonies are usually situated outside the home. Worker ants venture from the anthill to scavenge food for the queen. 

Place NOPE! Ant Bait Stations around known areas of ant activity to distribute a gel with 2-part action throughout the entire colony. Worker Ants take the gel and offer it up to the queen and larvae. Once embedded within the colony, the gel’s delayed active ingredient stops ant growth and ends the colony.

Moths are naturally averse to the lavender scent of NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps. These paper-based booklets can be placed between clothes and in wardrobes to stop moth infestations and repel future visitors.

Protect valuable clothes, soft toys and crafting materials with NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps.


Bulk save up to 10% with NOPE! Ant Killer Bait Stations. Protect your home in time for summer and keep pests at bay with the NOPE! range from Safeguard Europe.

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