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Out Now: NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps

Use NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps this Spring to draw out and capture male clothing moths – breaking the moth breeding cycle in your home to help stop the infestation.

The specially designed circular hanger is versatile, fitting wardrobe clothes rails, staircase bannister rails, bed frames, drying racks, and more. The traps are stable on flat surfaces, making them ideal for placement on tables, floors, bedside tables, and inside drawers. NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps are specially formulated to attract the most common variety of UK Moth: the Common Clothes Moth (Tineola Bisselliella).

NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps are intended to be used with NOPE! CP Moth Killer Spray as part of a wider pest control strategy. Once male moths have been lured in by the sticky pheromones, larvae production will stop, and the remaining females will fly away.



Common clothes moths avoid light and prefer to dwell in darkness. Without emptying your wardrobes and drawers, especially at the start of infestations, you might not know that you have a moth infestation at all. NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps are quick and easy to set up, providing an accurate picture of the moth population in your home.

NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps use pheromone technology to draw out and capture male clothing moths – breaking the moth breeding cycle in your home to help stop the infestation. The trap’s wide surface area helps you monitor how many moths you catch, giving you an idea of how many females and larvae might still be hiding somewhere in your home.

Once the male moles have been captured, use direct action on the rest of the infestation with NOPE! CP Moth Killer Spray.

Stop UK Moth larvae from destroying your valuable clothes, craft materials and furnishings.

Features up-to-3 month barrier protection for long-lasting pest control. Effective on all stages of the Moth lifecycle – Male/Female adult moths, larvae and eggs. 

Widely effective cypermethrin formula for all types of common moth, including the Common Clothes Moth and Case-bearing Clothes Moths.

Alongside NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps and CP Killer Spray use, it’s important to stay vigilant to remove every moth in your home

In areas of suspected infestation, it is recommended to remove all clothes, furnishings, and other fabric articles, like plush toys, to thoroughly vacuum and wash at a high temperature. Visually monitor areas of known infestation for signs of moth activity: frayed or holed fabrics, moth eggs, casings, or bodies.

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