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Out Now: Roxil Coloured Wood Stain Preserver

In pursuit of perfection, don’t compromise on protection.

Roxil Coloured Wood Stain Preserver tints and preserves garden timber. Safeguard Europe’s fade-free, UV-resistant coloured undercoat protects against rot and algae to increase the functional lifetime of outdoor wood.

All 6 shades of Roxil Coloured Wood Stain Preserver are available now from Safeguard Store.

Choose your favourite

Roxil Coloured Wood Stain Preserver absorbs deeply into timber for maximum defence and cures to a satin finish. Its water-based formulation is infused with powerful biocide and vivid pigment for lasting colour and protection. The specially selected palette of 6 colours is perfectly balanced between 3 earth tones and 3 vivid primary colours. 

Earth tones                                                              Vibrant colours

Burnt Umber



Fir Green

Red Cedar

Autumn Gold

Choose your favourite or combine one earth tone with a vibrant colour for a perfectly complementary colour scheme.

Whether you choose a primary colour base with earth tone accents or an earthy base with bright accents, the Roxil Coloured Wood Stain Preserver palette refreshes and revitalises your garden.

Lasting protection

Water-damaged, untreated wooden decking.

Roxil Coloured Wood Stain Preserver shields against wet and dry rot with an active biocidal component. Protect garden timber against all stages of the wood decaying fungi lifecycle to prevent wet and dry rot.

For safe and easy application, Roxil Coloured Wood Stain Preserver is VOC-free, solvent-free and non-flammable. It is suitable for use on all untreated softwoods and absorbent hardwoods. Protect the life of new and old timber. Perfect for wooden chairs, garden fences, sheds and other garden structures like pergolas or trellis panels. It can be brushed or sprayed in up to 3 coats, depending on the depth of colour required.

UV protection

Fir-Green Roxil Coloured Wood Preserver vs-Sun-Damaged unprotected wood

Natural weathering and sun exposure causes dead fibres to build up on the surface of outside wood. The process, called silvering, drains natural colour of wood and turns it a dull silvery grey.

Roxil Coloured Wood Stain Preserver is UV-resistant. It shields against UV damage from sunlight exposure to extend the beauty of your garden timber and avoid premature silvering.



Roxil Wood Preservative System 

Safeguard Roxil Range Coloured Variant

All garden wood needs protection against water ingress. Prepare the surface with Roxil 100 Cleaner. Preserver and tint with Roxil Coloured Wood Stain Preserver. Finish off with the invisible Roxil Wood Protection Cream to fully safeguard garden timber. The Roxil Wood Preservative System fully protects all types of wooden furniture and structures from the great outdoors.

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