Sentry Hero Red Multiple
  • Designed for basement waterproofing
  • High-capacity 303 pumps
  • Purpose-built 100 litre sump chamber

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The Sentry™ Sump System

The Sentry Sump System has been designed to complement the Oldroyd Xv Clear studded membrane system and the Drybase Aquachannel perimeter drainage system when they are used to waterproof basements and underground structures. It was developed by Safeguard in conjunction with pumping solutions specialists, Edincare.

When it is known or anticipated that free water will be present behind the Oldroyd Xv membrane, the installation design should incorporate adequate provision for its disposal. This will normally require the installation of one or more sump pumps.

The Sentry Sump System comprises of three standard models, each contained within a tough, purpose designed 100-litre capacity sump chamber. The choice of model will be based on two major considerations:

  • Anticipated water ingress
  • Potential consequences of the basement flooding (risk vs cost)

The Sentry Sump Range

Sentry Single – Entry level system with single Ama-Draimer 303 sump pump and dual power alarm.

Sentry Sump Pump Red Back-up

Sentry Twin – Includes two Ama-Drainer 303 pumps and a dual power alarm. Designed for use in situations where a higher level of water ingress is anticipated or where additional backup is required. Dual outlet pipes allow both pumps to operate at full capacity.

Where particularly high levels of water ingress are anticipated, several sumps and pumps may be required. Your basement waterproofing contractor will be able to suggest the most appropriate solution for your basement.

For details of professional basement waterproofing companies in your area, please contact our technical department on 01403 210204 or submit an enquiry.

AquaSafe Alarms

AquaSafe Alarm

The Sentry Sump Systems come standard with the AquaSafe Alarm, which acts as an early warning to alert the end user if there is:

  • A power failure to the AquaSafe Alarm
  • A high level situation in the chamber
  • A high level situation recorded
  • A service due

There is a battery included within the AquaSafe Alarm to power itself in case of mains power failure.

UPS 3000 Battery Back-Up System

AquaSafe Alarm

The UPS 3000 Battery Back-Up System is an on-line double-conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) offering the highest levels of resilience and protection. This provides power to one of the submersible pumps in case of a loss of mains power allowing for continued pump operation.

High-Capacity Pumps

All Sentry Sump Systems utilise the same Ama-Drainer 303 high-capacity pumps. These can provide high pumping capacity even where water needs to be discharged several metres above pump level (a common requirement in basement situations).

The pumps are built to high engineering standards and feature built-in non-return valves.


Pumps are mechanical items and, as such, require regular servicing if they are to continue to perform to their optimum capabilities. Professional basement waterproofing companies offer pump service contracts and are able to advise on an appropriate service interval.

The Submarine Sump System

Safeguard used to sell a sump system called “The Submarine Sump System”. This has now been replaced by The Sentry Sump System.

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