Oldroyd Gtx Geotextile Membrane
  • Membranes with geotextile fleece filter
  • Ideal for basement waterproofing applications
  • Membranes contain between 49% - 70% recycled plastic

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Oldroyd Gtx Range

Standards & Accreditations

BS EN 13967


The Oldroyd Gtx range consists of cavity drainage membranes with a geotextile mesh welded to one side (often referred to as ‘geocomposite membranes’ or ‘geocomposites’). The geotextile mesh filters out the ‘fines’ in the groundwater, preventing them from causing blockages in other areas of the drainage system, making Oldroyd Xv 20 ideal for basement waterproofing and drainage applications

Product Range

The Oldroyd Gtx range consists of three geocomposite membranes with differing stud sizes, flow capacities, and compressive strengths:

Membrane Stud Height Air Gap Compressive Strength
Gtx 5 mm 3.5 l/m2 >400 kN/m2
Gtx 10 10.5 mm 8.69 l/m2 >700 kN/m2
Gtx 20 20 mm 15 l/m2 >150 kN/m2

Each membrane in the Gtx range is manufactured from polypropylene, utilsing Oldroyd’s multi-layer-technology to incorporate 49-70% recycled material with no loss of performance.

The non-woven geotextile layer is welded to the membranes ensuring that it will not easily separate and won’t be subject to slippage during use.

Vertical Applications

The Oldroyd Gtx range of membranes are often used when waterproofing earth-retaining structures such as basements and retaining walls. In these situations they are applied externally and are therefore generally used only on newbuild projects. Other solutions are available for the basement refurbishment projects which can be applied internally.

Oldroyd Gtx 20 used as drainage layer for basement waterproofing

Oldroyd Gtx membranes are usually used as a secondary drainage layer to protect a primary waterproofing system. When used in this way, Oldroyd Gtx membranes are effectively used to replace protection boards, but with the added advantage of diverting the majority of groundwater away from the primary waterproofing system – avoiding the need for drainage aggregates and allowing excavated soil to be reused as backfill. Suitable products for use as a primary waterproofing system include:

This “dual layer” approach lessens the stress put on the primary waterproofing system, reducing water ingress caused by possible imperfections in the application of the primary waterproofing system and / or structural movement.

Oldroyd Gtx membranes can also be used as ground pressure relief fin drains in civil engineering applications and as vertical edge drains around pavements and carriageways.

Horizontal Applications

  1. Oldroyd geotextile paving
  2. Aggregate over Oldroyd Geotextile Membrane
  3. Paving being laid over aggregate and membrane

The Oldroyd Gtx range of membranes can be used as horizontal drainage layers in a wide range of applications including:

  • Roof decks / terraces
  • Paving
  • Reservoir roofs
  • Podium Decks
  • Balconies

Contains 49% Recycled Plastic

The Oldroyd Gtx range of membranes contain a minimum of 49% recycled content as defined in section of ISO 14021. Where quality and availability of recycled plastic allows, up to 70% recycled plastic may be used. By utilising Oldroyd’s multi-layer technology this is achieved without any loss of product performance.

Appearance Black, moulded polypropylene sheet incorporating raised studs
Size(s) & Packaging 2 × 15 m roll
Coverage 30 m2
Service Life For the life of the structure in which it is incorporated
Storage Cool, dry conditions

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